The ⁤Connection Between Air Pollution And⁢ Respiratory ​Diseases

In recent years, the impact of air pollution on respiratory health has become a major concern‍ worldwide. With the rise in industrialization, urbanization, and‍ the burning ⁤of fossil fuels, the quality of the air we breathe has deteriorated significantly. This⁣ has led to an increase in respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer. In this article, we will explore the link between air pollution and ⁣respiratory diseases, and provide insights on how we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of polluted air.

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution refers to the presence of harmful substances in ‌the air that can have negative effects on human health and the environment. ‍These pollutants ‌can come from various sources, including vehicle emissions, industrial activities, burning of fuels, and natural sources⁢ such as wildfires and volcanic eruptions. Common ⁤air pollutants include:

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